Trauma and PTSD


Boulder Trauma and PTSD therapy

Trauma and PTSD Therapy

You watch yourself see threats everywhere you go. Even when you’re trying to rest, your heart races and your mind tells you aren’t safe in situations that you rationally know are harmless. Your jaw and stomach tighten, your shoulders raise and you can feel that you might pop-off on someone at any moment. You wonder what is wrong with you, why do you freak out?

Trauma leaves a neurological imprint which makes one constantly on edge. A simple trip to the grocery store can trigger the brain to react as if in danger. The traumatized brain struggles to accurately interpret social cues, interrupting one’s capacity to fully connect with others. 

Engaging in work, school, and with friends can become extremely draining for individuals with past trauma. When left untreated trauma can lead to pervasive dissociation, anger issues, substance abuse, insomnia, and chronic pain or health issues.  

But there is hope, and healing is possible. The brain is capable of making remarkable changes. Neuroplasticity speaks to the capacity of the brain to change and grow in order to heal the impact of trauma. In my work with clients, we co-create a safe therapeutic relationship, which provides the foundation to do meaningful trauma therapy. Through evidenced based practices such as neuro-psychotherapy, relational therapy, somatic therapy and mindfulness, we are able to help the brain find healing, develop resilience, and reduce trauma symptoms. 

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Benefits of Therapy

If you’re ready to reduce anxiety and find more calm, reach out for a free consultation call today


Reduce chronic stress and tension


Improve concentration, communication and interpersonal skills


Foster self-acceptance and self-compassion


Increase calm and joy


Enhance physical health