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I am a mindful therapist. These days there’s a lot of hype around mindfulness. If you’ve heard the word, you most likely feel like it’s something that you “should” be doing. 

Mindfulness has been shown to reduce obsessive thinking, stress, emotional reactivity, in addition to enhancing the quality of relationships, empathy, memory, and focus. 

My approach to mindfulness stems from traditional mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) training; however, I recognize that traditional practices such as following the in and out of your breath is not for everyone. Therefore, my approach to therapy with clients includes cultivating mindfulness on the fly: bringing awareness to what is happening in the moment as you go through your day. This includes intentionally taking moments to touch into the qualities of your experience as they arise.

Mindfulness has been a core practice for me since childhood, as I was exposed to meditation at the age of 3. In my late teens and college years I moved away from daily mindful practice, only to return in my late 20s. I later began teaching mindfulness to teachers and students and K through 12 schools, and I am a certified mindfulness instructor for youth. 

I share my experience, because interestingly research has shown that therapists who practice mindfulness may have better outcomes for their clients, even when the clients themselves do not practice mindfulness!

Wherever you are on the spectrum of openness towards practicing mindfulness techniques, mindful approaches can help you to shift painful patterns. If you are ready to learn effective tools to enhance your wellbeing reach out for a free consultation call today


Benefits of Therapy

If you’re ready to reduce anxiety and find more calm, reach out for a free consultation call today


Reduce chronic stress and tension


Increase calm and joy


Foster self-acceptance and self-compassion


Enhance physical health