Family Therapy

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Family Therapy

Do certain family members make you want to tear your hair out? Do you feel like no matter how you try to get through to them, they will not hear you?

Every family has dysfunction. It is natural for us to fall in and out of harmony, it is natural for there to be reoccurring ruptures, but repair is possible! 

Between the school schedules, work schedules, afterschool activities, doctor’s appointments, social obligations, stocking the house with supplies, feeding everyone, and keeping things tidy is there any time left for nurturing connection?

The notion that children grow up fast seems cliché. But as the mother of two kids who have recently entered college, I can attest to the reality of this notion.

Very often we become blinded by our perceptions of one another, we lose curiosity and connection while negative family patterns play out as if on repeat. 

There is one earth, with 7.753 billion little worlds bumping up against each other! Actually listening to the experience of your loved ones, invites you into their worlds so that you can live in harmony with each other. 

In family therapy, I work to create a container of curiosity, where we drop our projections and hear one another, so that we can connect and repair. 

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Benefits of Therapy

If you’re ready to reduce anxiety and find more calm, reach out for a free consultation call today


Reduce conflict within the family


Improve communication and interpersonal skills


Create a team-oriented family culture


Build empathy, understanding, and connection