Couples and Relationships

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Does this sound familiar? 

You’re single and you long for connection, long to feel that support by your side as you navigate all the challenges of life. You want to allow yourself to be fully seen by someone who loves you profoundly. You are done falling asleep alone with the lingering emptiness of swiping on tinder, done leaving parties alone and returning to the silence of your home.


You’re in a relationship but the disconnect is mounting. You long to trust your partner fully and experience deep intimacy but you feel the lack of authentic communication which is creating a barrier between you and your partner. If only you could communicate what you truly feel and need.

When we are single, the sense of aloneness and questioning our self-worth can begin to take a serious toll on our emotional and relational health. We wonder if we are destined to navigate the challenges of life alone. 

In partnership, even when things seem okay on the surface you can feel that every time you swallow your words to keep the peace, you are taking a step further away from your partner. Over time the tension grows and each time you snap at your partner out of frustration, another step apart is taken.

We are wired for connection. I believe that the quality of our relationships is at the core of our well-being. Using an attachment-based lens, I work with individuals and couples to identify their needs and boundaries, highlight their relationships patterns, heal past wounds, and to communicate effectively from the heart. 

For individuals this helps to cultivate deep trust within themselves and to select healthier partners, so that they can develop healthier relationships in general, reducing chronic loneliness.  

For partners, this process brings couples into attunement enhancing sexual, emotional and spiritual intimacy. 

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Benefits of Therapy

If you’re ready to reduce anxiety and find more calm, reach out for a free consultation call today


Improve communication and quality of connection


Repair past wounds and restore trust


Deepen emotional and physical intimacy


Support mutual growth and overall gratification