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Child Therapist in Boulder

Does your child struggle to understand the impact of their behavior? Are you worried about their fears and wanting them to thrive socially and academically? 

I wish I had seen a therapist as a child! I wish I had had a compassionate adult outside of my family who saw me, who reflected my strengths back to me, and who taught me skills to calm distressing emotions. Having the opportunity to develop the emotional intelligence in childhood through therapy, sets us up for increased well-being as we age. 

I work with children to form a cohesive narrative describing the challenges they have faced, so that any trauma or attachment wounds they may have experienced are resolved before becoming reified into lifelong issues. Not only am I a mother, but I also have a degree in childhood development in addition to being a psychotherapist. All of these experiences, plus my specialized training in mindfulness for youth helps me to support young people.

I work with children ages 8 + through neuropsychology, mindfulness therapy, art therapy, and play therapy to support children in changing behaviors and experiencing increased calm and joy. All of these modalities are implemented through an attachment theory lens. 

When appropriate, I work closely with parents to support their child offering parenting coaching and family therapy session to compliment the work done in sessions with their child. 

Children are highly real resilient, and change is possible! 

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Benefits of Therapy

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Reduce chronic stress and tension


Improve concentration, communication and interpersonal skills


Foster self-acceptance and self-compassion


Increase calm and joy


Enhance physical health