Can You Love Someone If You Don’t Love Yourself?

Dec 20, 2022anxiety, Counseling, Therapy0 comments

Can You Love Someone If You Don’t Love Yourself?

Building your self-esteem will enhance the quality of your relationships.

Can you love someone if you don’t love yourself? I absolutely believe that you can love someone without loving yourself.

However, the gratification that you receive and the gratification that your loved one receives from that love is not as deep when you don’t unconditionally love and accept yourself. Basically, when you don’t unconditionally love and accept yourself, you’re getting in your own way. And we do this through sometimes flashing shields of defense mechanisms, and also through sticky manipulation, where we try to appear a certain way to hook the other into loving us, or also trying to manipulate them into meeting our own needs.

When we have unconditional love and acceptance for ourselves, then we don’t get caught up in these games, we’re not questioning our worth, and when we aren’t questioning are worth, this allows for the space to genuinely connect and go deep in our love with another.

So, the most important relationship is between you and precious you. That’s where it all starts. And that’s where that deep love that you’re longing for becomes possible within yourself and between you and others.

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